Source code for ufoLib2.objects.guideline

from typing import Optional

from attr import define

from ufoLib2.objects.misc import AttrDictMixin

[docs]@define class Guideline(AttrDictMixin): """Represents a single guideline. See Has some data composition restrictions. """ x: Optional[float] = None """The origin x coordinate of the guideline.""" y: Optional[float] = None """The origin y coordinate of the guideline.""" angle: Optional[float] = None """The angle of the guideline.""" name: Optional[str] = None """The name of the guideline, no uniqueness required.""" color: Optional[str] = None """The color of the guideline.""" identifier: Optional[str] = None """The globally unique identifier of the guideline.""" def __attrs_post_init__(self) -> None: x, y, angle = self.x, self.y, self.angle if x is None and y is None: raise ValueError("x or y must be present") if x is None or y is None: if angle is not None: raise ValueError("if 'x' or 'y' are None, 'angle' must not be present") if x is not None and y is not None and angle is None: raise ValueError("if 'x' and 'y' are defined, 'angle' must be defined") if angle is not None and not (0 <= angle <= 360): raise ValueError("angle must be between 0 and 360")